Simplifying care provider workflows

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Our products

We build products to help providers focus on delivering care.

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Maximize operational efficiency

Streamlining administrative workflows to free up time for delivering quality care.

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Manage your reputation

Helping providers surpass expectations, make the best first impression, and serve more patients.

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Engage and retain patients

Revamping the patient experience to stimulate engagement, reduce costs and penalties, and drive retention.

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Our vision

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Seeking to improve health outcomes by automating away inefficiencies in provider operations, streamlining the patient experience, and enabling providers to focus on delivering quality care.

Our team

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Built by the LotusFlare team, we are a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and healthcare leaders building a new digital platform for care delivery. Our team has extensive experience designing large-scale software products and scaling to hundreds of millions of users from big tech (e.g., Facebook, Apple, Microsoft) to large global healthcare providers.

If you'd like to join us in building a more efficient and accessible healthcare system, let us know at

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